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Polyboard/Foam Core Stands

Manufactured in the UK from top quality stainless steel. 

Hard wearing & stylish.

In stock!

£40.00-$45.00 for a single stand

£75.00-$85.00 per pair plus p&p

Polyboards-UK only

Old money: 8 ft x 4 ft x 2"
New money: 2400 x 1200 x 50mm
Fit our stands - Snug - No wobbles!
Sold white on both sides, ready to paint.

£96.00 for 6 boards delivered.

Minimum order 6 sheets.

The real deal

Stainless Steel Polyboard/Foam Core Stands

Fit standard 2″polyboards/foam core

£40.00-$45.00each or £75.00-$85.00

 for a pair

Order by 3pm for next day delivery-UK only

New to Us

PaperPal Photographic Background Holder

PaperPal Background Holder

Unique background paper holder for photographers.

Great piece of kit for the studio and for use on location.

The perfect solution for when you're in a tight spot - just one stand required!

It's also fantastic when you need extra bounce/diffusion/reflection.
Now you can put up background papers single handed and super quick.

Light, portable, easy to use.

Robust enough to handle 9ft paper as well as or 4ft 6in backgrounds.

Goodbye to having to use two stands.

Fits neatly in your camera stand bag.

You'll wonder what you did without it!

Feedback has been amazing - So simple, it's genius.

Where can I buy The PaperPal

Here via this site or head over to: 


The Flash Centre


Check it out - Try it out!

Price £82.50 inc p&p


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