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Polyboard/Foam Core Stands

Manufactured in the UK

Top quality stainless steel 

Style with substance

Hard wearing & sturdy

In stock!

£40/$45 for a single stand

£75/$85 per pair 

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Polyboards - UK only

Old money: 8 ft x 4 ft x 2"
New money: 2400 x 1200 x 50mm
Snug fit for our stands - Wobble Free!
Supplied white both sides, ready to paint.

Minimum Order 6 x boards 

Six Pack = £96 INCLUDING delivery

The Real Deal

Polyboard Stands
2' 50mm Stainless Steel Polyboard Stands
PolyboardStands Polyboards
Photo Studio EQ

Polyboard Stands 2' 50mm Stainless Steel Polyboard Stands PolyboardStands Polyboards Photo Studio EQ

  • Stainless Steel Polyboard/Foam Core Stands
  • Fit standard 2″/50mm polyboard/foam core
  • £40/$45 each or £75/$80 per pair
  • Order by 3pm for next day UK delivery 

Gaffer Tape

2 inch/50mm Gaffer

Ideal for everyday use
Easy to tear by hand
Flexible & conformable
Great for high volume, price conscious users
Suitable for general use both indoor & outdoors

Multi-Purpose Adhesive
Designed to adhere to a huge variety of clean, dry surfaces.

Water Resistant** Coating
A water resistant coating on the outer shell helps to repel water from the surface of the tape.

For best results, we recommend applying to surfaces that are:

Smooth, clean, dry, non-porous surfaces, free from dust, oil and other contaminants. 

Measurements are approximate. 

Due to the nature of this product, performance may deteriorate over time.  
We have to say that, however we all know this stuff is bullet proof and goes on forever!

£9 per roll inc p&p

New piece of kit on the market --->

PaperPal Photographic Background Holder

PaperPal Background Holder

Unique background paper holder for photographers.

Great piece of kit for the studio and for use on location.

The perfect solution for when you're in a tight spot...

... just one stand required!

So, you can say goodbye to the two stand system.

It's also fantastic when you need bounce/diffusion/reflection.
Put up background papers single handed - and fast.

Light, portable, easy to use.

Robust enough to handle 9ft as well as 4ft 6in backgrounds.

Obviously a decent stand will be required for a 9ft roll.

Fits neatly in your camera stand bag.

You'll wonder what you did without it!

Feedback has been amazing - So simple, it's genius! 

Having tried & tested it, we're happy to highly recommend it. 


Where can I buy The PaperPal?

From this site or head over to: 

The PaperPal Site


The Flash Centre

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